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Competing demands for environmental resources entail a need for increased monitoring of harmful substances, as a clean environment is essential for human health, while it is at the same time necessary as a basis for economic activities.


Umweltbundesamt, the Environment Agency Austria, offers a wide range of services for detecting and tracking pollutants, as well as for assessing their impacts on the environment and human health. Furthermore, Umweltbundesamt advises its clients on how to minimize the environmental impacts of their activities and gives businesses the certainty that they are complying with the legal requirements.


Measurements and analysis of air, water and soil quality, along with product monitoring, analysis and sampling of waste, remediation of contaminated sites, risk assessment and expert advice on REACH and GHS implementation, as well as environmental studies and training courses make up our core services. In our accredited GMO, fuel and environmental testing laboratory, a wide variety of samples are processed and numerous substances are analysed. Analysis of specific parameters is one of our key competences, along with conventional routine analysis.


As one of the leading environmental consultancies, Umweltbundesamt stands for reliability, independence and confidentiality. Business companies as well as scientific institutions and public authorities all over the world rely on our consulting and laboratory services.